Top 10 Must Have SEO Plugins For Your WordPress Website

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Top 10 Must Have SEO Plugins For Your WordPress Website

SEO Plugins

Your WordPress site will undoubtedly load faster and perform better in search engine results if you find a fantastic host. But there’s a lot more to it, like the keywords you use for your blog posts and product sites, the size of your picture files, and whether or not your content is legible. Numerous WordPress SEO plugins simplify this process.

You can also locate various third-party SEO tools for retrieving robust statistics, keyword ranks, and backlink data.

Even for seasoned website owners, SEO is difficult to understand. For the majority of website owners, it is difficult to identify posts and pages with high potential, correct broken links, reorganize the site’s structure, or perform a thorough SEO audit. However, you’ll be well on your way to search engine success when you have the appropriate tools and the expertise necessary to use those tools.

Let’s begin!

What Do SEO Plugins Do?

An extensive field of research is SEO. It can cover things like link building, content optimization, and keyword research. In general, this refers to any plugin that assists you in optimizing your pages for greater search engine rankings.

Some SEO plugins go above and above to assist you in optimizing your content for search engines, such as Yoast SEO (which we use at Kinsta). For instance, they provide advice on how to readability improve your material and how to prevent overusing precise keywords.

It’s critical to realize that SEO WordPress plugins do not guarantee that your content will appear higher in search results. However, these tools offer a terrific place to start if you’re not sure how to optimize content for search engines.

You can acquire a deeper understanding of your audience and traffic sources by using WordPress SEO plugins. Then, you can utilize this insightful data to enhance your content strategy and raise engagement.

Does WordPress Need SEO Plugins?

You don’t need to use WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your posts and pages. If you’re familiar with SEO fundamentals and you keep up with the latest changes in algorithms, you can achieve fantastic results without using plugins.

In most cases, SEO plugins provide you with guidance on how to improve your content, so it’s more search-engine friendly. However, the actual optimization work still falls on your hands.

Out of the box, WordPress already includes all of the tools and features that you need to create SEO-friendly content. The Content Management System (CMS) enables you to add titles, meta descriptions, headings, alt text, tags, customize URLs, and much more.

These minor chores, along with many more, contribute to SEO. More power to you if you don’t require a plugin to remind you of fundamental SEO duties.

There are many unique tools available for keyword research and competitive analysis, even if you choose not to employ SEO plugins. These can also assist you in determining the reasons behind your sites’ ranking declines and help you pinpoint areas that want development.

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

We’ll discuss WordPress SEO plugins to kick off the list. These are frequently simpler to comprehend and install, and you can pick from a huge selection of plugins with various functions. On your page and post editors, the best plugins display SEO projections and suggestions, but some have less features. Even so, they include special features like checking for broken links or reducing image file sizes.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

The king of WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast SEO. On the Kinsta blog, we make use of it. Yoast continues to surprise the WordPress community with outstanding improvements, a stunning user interface, and the most user-friendly choice for making your blog posts and product pages lookout, earning an astounding 16,700 5-star ratings at the time of this article.

In addition, Yoast SEO has its own website with paid support options, a bustling forum community, an educational blog to learn more about SEO, and SEO courses for both novice and experienced users.

On that website, you can also get access to Yoast SEO premium, which has more sophisticated features like keyword optimization for up to five keywords per page, a preview of how your page will appear on Twitter and Facebook, and recommendations for internal links that will direct visitors to different parts of your website. Remember that those are only a small percentage of the available premium features.

Everybody will find the premium plugin to be a good offer at $89 per site. Budget-conscious people can still take advantage of the free plugin, which far outperforms the majority of other SEO WordPress plugins.

Features That Make Yoast SEO a Great Choice:

  • Enter keywords to check how well your pages and posts are optimized for those terms.
  • View a sample of your Google search result to get a better idea. This allows you to change the title and meta description to make them more appealing and keyword-rich.
  • To determine whether you need to add features like numbered lists or headers or break up paragraphs, a readability check is performed on each page.
  • The plugin can tell if a page or post has duplicate content.
  • The tools and support provided by Yoast are some of the best we have ever seen from a plugin provider.
  • Every two weeks, they additionally update the plugin.
  • A redirect manager, free support, content analytics, and an ad-free backend interface are all features of the premium plugin.

2. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework
The SEO Framework

If you’re looking for a quick, light-weight SEO plugin for WordPress that doesn’t include any adverts or upsells, the SEO Framework plugin works well. It eliminates some of the extraneous features you probably won’t use and concentrates on assisting users who are more concerned with maintaining fast site loading times while also spending less time reading perplexing SEO articles.

It’s frequently regarded as Yoast’s best substitute. The visible form of SEO ratings and more adaptable options for keyword targeting greatly contribute to this (like with slightly off words or synonyms).

One of the tabs that control the post SEO settings employs a colored scale to indicate how close you are to having your article be search engine-ready. Unlike some of the more cluttered versions of Yoast, the scale makes it easy to see where you need to focus on your SEO.

As you could have guessed, the interface is ideal for new users. Advanced users can also use the API and get their hands dirty. The plugin started off as a WPMUDEV community effort before being made available to everyone for free. The SEO Framework plugin is all-inclusive and provides extensions for more sophisticated functions.

Some of them include:

  • Local SEO
  • An AMP integration
  • Article enhancement
  • Monitoring for SEO and uptime
  • Incognito mode
  • Redirects
  • Comment caching for spammers

Features That Make The SEO Framework a Great Choice:

  • You are not being sold anything by the SEO framework. The majority of the capabilities you need are similar to those in Yoast, but you are not need to pay extra for premium or extension features.
  • The visually appealing, colored meter or scale offers a more convenient approach for users to determine whether their content will rank well on Google.
  • For businesses who need to put up and display crucial local company information, it offers a local SEO plugin.
  • The comment spam addon eliminates the requirement for another plugin.
  • There isn’t much to set up after installing the plugin because the majority of the SEO settings are already defined.
  • The SEO Framework concentrates on the focus subject rather than the focus keyword like other plugins do because Google treats synonyms in SERPs as the same thing, which encourages more natural writing.

3. SEOPress


WordPress SEOPress is a freemium plugin with no adverts. Even in the free edition, it is entirely white-labeled and has no traces. You can manage all of your post/page/post type/term titles and meta descriptions with its easy, quick, and robust interface.

Make XML and HTML sitemaps, use Google Analytics (with RGPD compatibility) to track visitor behavior, and optimize tags (Open Graph and Twitter Cards) for social media sharing. For the benefit of web administrators who want to generate better posts, the free edition also offers content analysis. To configure the plugin as they see fit, developers can employ more than 75 hooks.

The functionality of the premium edition is increased, and cutting-edge features like:

  • Local business SEO.
  • Breadcrumbs optimized for SEO and accessibility.
  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads optimizations.
  • Video and Google News XML sitemaps.
  • Google Structured Data Types ( product, article, event, local business, recipe, review, FAQ, course, and video.
  • Backlinks from integration with Majestic (third-party API).
  • Google Page Speed v5 integration to quickly check the quality of your pages.
  • Redirections and 404 monitoring.
  • Google Analytics stats in your WordPress dashboard.

Features That Make SEOPress a Great Choice:

  • Your editors won’t see any advertisements, and the meta box won’t mention SEOPress. The admin bar is the same.
  • It enables you to quickly integrate Google Analytics tracking into your website. You may track PDF, DOCX, XLSX, downloads, IP Anonymization, cross-domain tracking, and more. You can also restrict certain user roles from tracking, create custom dimensions, allow remarketing, demographics, interest reports, and more.
  • Quick and simple Facebook open graph data with Twitter meta tags.

4. Rank Math


The Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools for your WordPress website is Rank Math SEO. It includes everything you require to fully take charge of your on-page SEO. The power of several SEO plugins you could be utilizing on your WordPress website is combined by Rank Math into a single, lightweight, and simple-to-manage plugin.

You can control the on-page SEO of your articles, pages, products, and other taxonomies with Rank Math. All taxonomies, both as a whole and for specific articles or pages, can also have no index, no follow, and no archive meta tags controlled.

It seamlessly connects with Google Search Console to deliver important data right to your WordPress admin dashboard. One glance provides access to details such as the keywords you are ranking for, the number of search impressions your website receives, the mistakes Google finds on your website, etc.

In addition, Rank Math has built-in 404 Monitoring, Redirections, Rich Snippets, Local SEO, XML Sitemaps, Automated Image SEO, advice for Internal Link Building, etc.

Features That Make Rank Math a Great Choice:

  • You can get anything you need for SEO there.
  • An SEO Analysis tool is used to evaluate each post, page, and product based on 40 parameters.
  • The options are simple to understand, and the user interface is quite clear.
    It provides you with the opportunity to manually add alt or title tags to photos that are lacking them.
  • The 404 monitor on Rank Math lets you know where users encounter problems.
    Additionally, it has a Redirection module that enables you to direct those 404 errors to a page on your website that could be a little more helpful.
  • The XML Sitemap module for Rank Math is included, and the plugin also pings search engines whenever you edit an article.
  • With the opportunity to select from 6 distinct snippets, including article, product, recipe, event, video, local business, etc., Rich Snippets support is incorporated.
  • You don’t need to rely on another plugin for breadcrumbs because they are included in the plugin as well.
  • Support for Twitter Cards and Open Graph is combined.

5. SEO Squirrly

Wordpress plugins
Squirrly WordPress plugins

The product SEO Squirrly is intended for non-SEO specialists. It fulfills that promise by providing an entire SEO package without challenging components. Unlike the other plugins we’ve already discussed, SEO Squirrly produces unique SEO advice. You begin by entering the subject of your article. Along with the selected keyword, a series of green lights are instantly activated as you continue to write your content. As you write, it feels almost as if an expert is speaking in your ear.

Features That Make SEO Squirrly a Great Choice:

  • As you’re composing the article, you optimize the keywords. Compared to Yoast, where you frequently need to save the article in order to view suggestions and results, this is a little simpler.
  • Squirrly retains all of your settings from the prior configuration if you intend to replace an outdated SEO plugin for WordPress with it.
  • There is a tool that examines your rivals to determine how to rank higher than them.
    You can send content reports from Squirrly to other employees in your company. For instance, after producing an article, you might give it to a writer so they can learn more about SEO.
  • Weekly progress updates are sent to you along with a useful tool that displays recent tweets relating to your topics. This offers ideas for improving your material as well as inspiration.

6. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

SEO is more than just stuffing your posts and pages with tons of keywords. Additionally, it goes beyond simply making your information readable. Go through your website and fix any broken links as one strategy to beat the competition. A broken link, also known as a link that leads to a 404 page, is viewed by Google as a less than ideal user experience. After all, your customers don’t want to arrive on a website that is blank.

The only issue is that you might need to search through all of your content for hours or even days to find every broken link. A Broken Link Checker will now appear.

This little gem searches through your blog pages and articles to do the grunt work for you. Within a few minutes, all of the broken links are exposed. You can go ahead and entirely eliminate the problematic links from the list or replace them with more appropriate references. The plugin will continue to scan your website and let you know when a link breaks if you keep it active.

The list will be empty once the links have been fixed, and Google will see that your site is well-maintained.

Features That Make Broken Link Checker a Great Choice:

  • To fix the broken link, you don’t even need to visit the post or page. The plugin’s main page is where all link changes are made.
  • There is a search and filtering option in the WordPress SEO plugin.
  • It can be used for more than only locating broken links in posts and pages. The plugin keeps an eye on custom fields, comments, and more.
  • Missing photos and redirects are also found, as well as anything else that can perplex a reader and harm your website’s reputation with Google.
  • To stop search engines from tracking the broken links on your website, use an optional feature.

7. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

Rel NoFollow Checkbox
Rel NoFollow Checkbox

It’s critical to understand that Google values links to other pages and websites when linking to them. The search engine is interested in the caliber of both those links and the links pointing back to your website. This is because Google considers having a large number of links pointing to spammy websites to be manipulative and ineffective for users. For those of you having affiliate links, this plugin is ideal.

You may prevent your links from harming your rankings by giving all external links “rel nofollow” properties. In this manner, the link doesn’t affect the external site’s ranking. In essence, it scares away clients who value those links for rankings in search engines.

Unfortunately, adding “rel nofollow” tags to each link in your article is a pain in the butt. But when building links in WordPress, the Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin offers an additional checkbox to select.You’ll also discover a “rel nofollow” option below the checkbox for “Open a link in a new window/tab,” which saves you time by eliminating the need to navigate through the HTML.

Features That Make Rel Nofollow Checkbox a Great Choice:

  • Being lightweight, it doesn’t slow down your website.
  • You have the chance to improve your SEO without investing a lot of time sifting through HTML (to find your links and add a little bit of code).
  • It significantly simplifies the process for non-coders.
  • For affiliate marketers, the ideal plugin
  • There are no settings that need to be configured, and the installation only takes a few minutes.
  • You may easily review the guest posts or articles your writers have written to make sure they aren’t trying to promote certain goods or businesses without your authorization.

8. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

WordPress Website
All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are visual search components like star ratings, photos, and other significant information that may catch users’ attention by offering something distinctive from typical search results. Rich snippets are frequently used for blog post reviews and eCommerce product page results. Rich snippets are popular with Google since they don’t annoy users too much while still revealing useful information.

WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in way to provide rich snippets, but the All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin takes care of it for you.

With this plugin, the most crucial components of your search engine results are displayed. Additionally, visitors can view anything from author avatars to star ratings to photographs.

Features That Make All in One Schema Rich Snippets a Great Choice:

  • Google searches give users a more visible framework. Both Google and the users like this.
  • Events, reviews, persons, products, recipes, and videos are just a few of the content kinds that the plugin offers. As an illustration, a recipe may include a photo of the cuisine, a star rating, and a number of reviews.
  • Due to the fact that the necessary data has already been gathered, sharing your search results on Facebook is simpler.

9. Redirection


Modern SEO requires the use of redirects. You must use a 301 redirect if you wish to divert users away from a page that is no longer available to another URL. You can instruct search engines to focus on the new URL and ignore the old one by using a 301 redirect.

With Redirection, you can use a straightforward URL manager to execute 301 redirects. Without the plugin, setting up redirects is a laborious process that necessitates editing. ht access file and manually add entries for each new redirection.

The plugin also has a mechanism for configuring “conditional” redirects. This implies that you can implement redirects based on the user’s IP address, browser, login state, and other factors. The ease with which automatic redirects for 404 pages can be set up is the best feature of this conditional approach.

Features That Make Redirection a Great Choice:

  • 301 redirects are simpler to set up with Redirection than by manually adding them.
  • The plugin comes with a conditional redirection mechanism that takes into account variables like IP address, page type, and login status.
  • Every reroute that takes place on your website is recorded.
  • In WordPress, 404 errors can be tracked.
  • The permalink structure of your website can also be modified.

10. XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps
Google XML Sitemaps

Many all-inclusive WordPress SEO plugins will build XML sitemaps for your website automatically. Imagine, though, that you’re not going to use one of those programs and that you’re able to optimize your content on your own. In that situation, a plugin that creates a sitemap can still be useful to you.

XML Sitemaps is a plug-and-play plugin. You can choose whether the plugin alerts search engines to every update to your website once it has been activated. The option to produce a sitemap in HTML format is also available.

In addition to these fundamental settings, the plugin will instantly create a comprehensive sitemap for your website. It’s up to you whether or not you still want to submit that sitemap to webmaster tools for search engines like Google Webmaster Tools.

Features That Make XML Sitemaps a Great Choice:

  • It automatically generates XML sitemaps for your website.
  • It notifies search engines about updates to your website.
  • It adds your sitemaps URL to the robots.txt file.

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