Top 6 Must Need WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Website

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Top 6 Must Need WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Website

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Every year, it seems like there are more and more alternatives available for creating an online business. Along with the equally potent WordPress ecommerce plugins, there are SaaS (software as a service) platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

Both have their benefits, but nothing compares to the ability to convert your present WordPress website into a fully operating online store. You might start a product gallery with eBooks and goods the day after starting a blog and gaining more followers.

One of the best methods to generate money online is by selling your own products, which is possible with the help of a simple small plugin.

These WordPress ecommerce plugins offer the same features and advantages as SaaS products, and you get excellent support resources, thriving development communities, and integration with the simplest content management system in the world.

This is great news for those who are interested in online shopping. So, no matter what you sell—donuts or digital downloads—you can get started right away.

The greatest of the best plugins are those we’ll include below. However, some of them are more suited to selling particular products, while others are more user-specific. For instance, your website may only need to sell video material.

If so, you have a limited number of sensible choices. We’ll focus on which WordPress ecommerce plugin is ideal for your business, whether you’re aiming to succeed as a digital retailer or you’d prefer to devote your attention to a physical product store.

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins in 2022

We wanted to know what the most crucial aspects of the WordPress ecommerce plugins were, therefore we listed them above. The next step was to determine what made each of these plugins unique in comparison to the others.

You’ll discover that although some ecommerce plugins are preferable for basic, uncluttered stores, others generally provide more capabilities. On the other hand, you’ll notice that there are a few specialized ecommerce plugins for carrying out particular duties, such as conducting online sales of digital downloads.

After thoroughly examining each WordPress ecommerce plugin, we’ll provide you with a complete suggestion on which plugins, given your unique circumstances, you should select. Having said that, continue reading to find out more about the best WordPress ecommerce plugins available.

1. WooCommerce


Let me introduce you to WooCommerce, the reigning WordPress e-commerce plugin, in case you haven’t heard of it. WooCommerce is the most well-known method for rapidly converting your WordPress site into an ecommerce store with all the bells and whistles. The history of WooCommerce is intriguing because it was initially developed in 2011 as a fork of Jigoshop.

Since WooThemes, the company that created WooCommerce, was acquired by Automattic in 2015, WooCommerce’s popularity has skyrocketed. It is now known to power 8% of all online e-commerce websites and 21% of the top 1,000,000 websites.

Another factor contributing to WooCommerce’s ongoing growth is the fact that Automattic, the organization behind WordPress, finally bought the platform.

One of your greatest options when trying to quickly develop and expand an online store is frequently regarded as WooCommerce. A store with five products or a sizable collection of thousands of products could be created for your site. The plugin’s cost is always the same: it is free. As long as your hosting and infrastructure can sustain it, that offers support for a limitless number of items and visitors.

Many businesses continue to pay for certain components that interface with WooCommerce in addition to hosting. For instance, a lot of high-end WordPress themes are designed to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and have lovely product galleries and a shopping cart.

Additionally, you can decide that adding one or more extensions will enhance the operation of your store. There are many different third-party developers who produce extensions for WooCommerce, which has its own extension shop. What you require will determine how much you’ll spend.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • WooCommerce can be obtained for free by the typical small store. WooCommerce is a cheap option to launch an online store because even the themes and plugins aren’t too pricey.
  • The most used WordPress ecommerce plugin is WooCommerce. You’ll receive a ton of upgrades in the future because of its connection to Automattic and the sizable development community.
  • In order to address potential issues faced by store owners, several developers write extensions. With the help of these extensions, you can easily add more sophisticated e-commerce functionality. For instance, one straightforward plugin enables you to launch a complete membership business.
  • You can sell just about anything using WooCommerce. This covers appointments, subscriptions, and digital items.
  • You get extensions for the majority of the leading payment gateways in addition to built-in payments for some of the best gateways.
  • WooCommerce serves as the foundation for the majority of WordPress e-commerce themes. This implies that the integration process should go smoothly for you.
  • WooCommerce is simple to use and can be learned by both novice and experienced users. The UI is straightforward enough for beginners, but skilled developers can customize it as they like thanks to the REST API, documentation, and open development.

2. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)
Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Easy Digital Downloads (commonly abbreviated as EDD) provides a straightforward, user-friendly plugin for controlling and marketing digital goods on WordPress. Yes, WooCommerce offers this compatibility, but EDD’s interface is considerably cleaner and has more features geared toward online sales.

Therefore, you should strongly consider using EDD over any other WordPress ecommerce plugins if all you offer are digital goods like eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips (and nothing else physical). The fact that the core plugin is free is one of the factors in EDD’s success. As soon as you install it on your website, a digital sales platform complete with discount codes, file access control, and activity tracking is available.

You are able to create galleries and select EDD themes. When a customer purchases a product from your website, the system automatically emails them a download link. Remember that EDD offers a complete shopping cart, allowing you to handle payments on your website and reduce the amount of clicks required.

The EDD core plugin is free, as previously stated. You can, however, choose to upgrade to a yearly subscription. The prices for the subscriptions range from $199 for a single year to $899 for an all-access pass. Updates, site licenses, and complete customer support are all included in all plans. Additionally, you will receive a few extensions and one-of-a-kind connectors for things like payment gateways and email marketing.

You can find a vast selection of options in the Extensions Library if you don’t require customer support and are more interested in buying extensions separately. All of these plugins have various price tags, much like WooCommerce.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • Since it removes the features for tangible products and provides more sophisticated solutions for things like eBooks and music, it functions best for selling digital downloads.
    There are numerous add-ons available in the Extension Library. As a result, you can develop a digital store that is more sophisticated by, for example, allowing frontend contributions or including software licensing.
  • There are several options available for selecting your own payment gateway.
    The main plugin is totally unrestricted. This will be simple to apply and make the sales process successful for the typical small business or artist.
  • EDD is also used by experienced developers. They can use the RESTful API to gain complete control over adjustments.
  • A sizable and vibrant community of bloggers, programmers, and enthusiasts exists for Easy Digital Downloads. This implies that a blog article to address your issues or a hip new extension that could benefit your store are never too far away.
  • A complete shopping cart, client administration, discount codes, and data reporting are among the key features. Additionally, you get tools for affiliate networks, mailing lists, and more.

3. Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 Cloud
Cart66 Cloud

The plugin for Cart66 Cloud was created with the goal of being a smart platform for all types of users. Since it can frequently be challenging to make your site work with a collection of add-ons and extensions, it has been designed to require the least amount of add-ons possible.

As a result, Cart66 Cloud offers a WordPress ecommerce plugin that incorporates the majority of its functionality. It’s easy to configure, and most users have had favorable things to say about it.

In the ecommerce industry, competing with WooCommerce is challenging, yet Cart66 Cloud has a strong market. For those who don’t want to fiddle with add-ons, we prefer it best. Cart66 Cloud may even be more beneficial for common people who don’t consider themselves coders.

The fact that Cart66 Cloud has its own marketplace of merchants is another intriguing feature. It’s still a means to spread the word about your company, even though I don’t personally see this as a huge advantage (because the ordinary customer won’t shop online through the Cart66 Marketplace).

Overall, Cart66 sees itself as an ecommerce platform for regular people. In contrast to WooCommerce, Cart66 claims that WooCommerce is more suited for programmers wishing to build intricate e-commerce systems. Even while this isn’t exactly true, it’s still advantageous that Cart66 has all of its features built-in.

Cart66 does have a free core plugin, but the premium version, which costs $49 a month, has the best features (with a free trial of 14 days). One thing to keep in mind is that customers have nothing but praise for Cart66’s customer service. Therefore, Cart66 appears to be a great option if you’re anxious about a complex system and would like some individuals on your side to help you along.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • One of the greatest in the industry is the customer support team.
  • Ecommerce functionalities come in both free and paid varieties.
  • There is no need to go for and set up additional plugins because all of the functionality is included in the plugin. Additionally, you are not required to work with a developer or pick up coding skills.
  • The Cart66 crew works behind the scenes to execute a large portion of the development work. Again, this is a compelling argument for novices to favor Cart66 over WooCommerce.
  • Cart66’s email marketing is more effective than that of certain rivals. For instance, you get options for drip marketing, timed follow-up emails, and list segmentation right from your WordPress admin.
  • Cart66 supports both tangible and intangible goods. Therefore, it is possible to sell certain eBooks and shoes at the same time.
  • In contrast to the majority of other ecommerce plugins, which call for the installation of add-ons, the plugin offers over 100 built-in payment gateways.
  • The Cart66 plugin includes content limitation, recurring payments, and subscriptions. Once more, you typically have to purchase an additional add-on in order to use these functionalities with plugins like WooCommerce.

4. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart
Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Excellent reviews and a configuration that superficially resembles WooCommerce can be found for Ecwid’s online store. The fact that Ecwid may be utilized on any website you choose is one of the primary differences. You can start an online store with Ecwid if you have a Drupal website.

Similar rules apply to Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, and many more websites. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is just a WordPress plugin. Although it’s a nice one, you can only use that particular content management system.

Due to the fact that Ecwid adheres to a sensible monthly payment schedule, I would also contend that it may wind up being less expensive than WooCommerce and other WordPress ecommerce plugins.

Additionally, the core plugin is totally free and offers more built-in capabilities than a library of add-ons.

Because of this, we believe that many people who are searching for additional built-in tools would prefer Ecwid. It is comparable to Cart66 in that the features are present and not dispersed over a library or from outside developers.

In terms of the general internet store, the free plan is effective. You receive a shopping cart that adapts to mobile devices, support for up to 10 products, and the capacity to sell on several websites.

Of course, the 10 product restrictions will discourage some consumers, but that only applies to the Free plan. A support package for 100 goods costs $15 per month, 2,500 products cost $35 per month, and unlimited products cost $99 per month after that.

At first look, Ecwid could appear to be clearly more expensive than competitors like WooCommerce. But depending on your store, I frequently see it in a reverse manner. For many online stores, WooCommerce requires certain pricey add-ons. Heck, a lot of the major payment gateways charge fees. To get some of the following features, an online retailer with fewer than 100 products would just need to spend $15 a month.

  • A Facebook shop.
  • A Mobile point of sale.
  • A free starter site.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Abandoned cart saver.
  • Social media tools.
  • Facebook pixel.
  • Automated tax calculations.
  • Google Shopping support.

And depending on how much you’re going to spend on WooCommerce add-ons, you may even make the case that upgrading to the $99 Unlimited Plan will save you money. But all in all, Ecwid features a very tidy user interface and a simple setup procedure.

You can test out the free plugin to determine whether the additional monthly fee is worthwhile. In general, I’d say that if you’re going to spend too much money on WooCommerce add-ons or if you want several sales.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • A free plan is offered by Ecwid for a maximum of 10 products. After that, for affordable monthly payments, it provides a lovely installation procedure, interface, and feature-set.
  • Despite the fact that this post is built on WordPress, Ecwid is renowned for its ability to interface with the majority of website builders and content management systems. This covers every software, from Wix to Adobe Muse and from WordPress to Squarespace.
    For some options, free customizations and priority assistance are included, along with phone and chat support.
  • Ecwid offers automatic plugin upgrades, unlike the majority of other WordPress plugins that demand manual updates.
  • Since Ecwid hosts the stores, all transactions between your gateway and bank are entirely safe and PCI-DCC Certified. You must obtain PCI compliance from your hosting provider in order to use the majority of the other plugins on the list.
  • Ecwid places a lot of emphasis on assisting you in rapidly selling through various sales channels. For example, some of the price plans enable you to launch Facebook Shops. Additionally, there are possibilities for mobile point of sales, normal point of sale, online marketplaces, eBay, and Google Shopping.
  • When Ecwid is installed on one website, all of the shop data may be synced and transferred to another website, allowing for multi-front selling.

5. WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store

WP EasyCart
WP EasyCart

In blog pieces like these, you don’t often read about WordPress ecommerce plugins like the WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store. It is, however, beginning to attract notice, and for good cause. Sometimes it feels that even the most basic plugins, like Easy Digital Downloads, Cart66, or WooCommerce, are still too advanced for small business owners.

Most likely, they are knowledgeable enough to learn about those e-commerce building technologies, but whether or not they have the time to do so is another matter. WP EasyCart is designed for small business owners that wish to easily build a stunning online store without any prior experience.

The business would continue to function on WordPress, but it offers an incredibly quick configuration procedure and features that are only intended for non-developers.

Since the creators of WP EasyCart are aware that many small businesses already use other programs, they have made it simple to connect with Quickbooks and integrate MailChimp for email marketing. A small business owner’s dream, TaxCloud and ShipStation also interact with the WP EasyCart platform.

Additionally, you can sell anything from traditional retail goods to downloads, subscriptions, and gift cards. Additionally, there are alternatives for distributing invoices, promoting eBooks, soliciting donations, and selling video content.

Similar to Squarespace or Wix, WP EasyCart functions more like a SaaS e-commerce platform. You have access to all the basic tools. The main distinction is that with WordPress and your own hosting, you have total control over your website. With support for infinite products, realtime shipping calculators, and complex product variants, the free version’s features are surprisingly advanced.

The $69 annual plan is therefore an option if you want to stay away from the transaction fees that come with the Free package. The most expensive package, which costs $99 annually, comes with great tools for selling subscriptions and integrating with Quickbooks,, AffiliateWP, and other services.

The foundational capabilities like coupons, promotions, B2B, and subscriptions are sufficient to make WP EasyCart appear to be a serious WooCommerce rival. A powerful ecommerce plugin for business owners and small retailers is created when you combine it with the large range of typical small business integrations.

You can test out WP EasyCart beforehand thanks to the 14-day free trial offered at the beginning of the programs. In addition, there is free customer support accessible through a support center, forums, online guides, and more. There is also paid customer support accessible.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • There is a free plan accessible with infinite products and a number of options for selling videos, taxes, and product variants.
  • The premium plans have a lot to offer small businesses and won’t break the bank. With all of the extensions chosen specifically for small enterprises, a $99 yearly subscription is far from extravagant.
  • Each extension is obviously designed for small businesses. You have access to choices like a Groupon Importer, AffiliateWP, MailChimp, Quickbooks, and
  • The free customer service offered by any of these plugins is among the greatest I’ve ever experienced. Although the forums are lively and the video courses are useful, you shouldn’t anticipate receiving free phone or email support.
  • The selling of a variety of special products, including donations, invoices, eBooks, and video material, is supported by WP EasyCart.
  • Compared to the $69 or $99 per year subscriptions from WP EasyCart, many of the complex add-ons from WooCommerce are incredibly pricey.
  • For small business owners who wish to establish the site quickly and spend more time managing their daily operations, WP EasyCart provides one of the most straightforward user interfaces.

6. BigCommerce WordPress Plugin

Big Commerce
Big Commerce

Since BigCommerce has been operating its own e-commerce platform for a while, it has also offered its own hosting and content management system. BigCommerce, meanwhile, is currently making an effort to enter the WordPress market with an early version of its developer beta.

You currently need to apply in order to receive access, but that may change soon. BigCommerce’s major objective is to draw businesses with WordPress-based websites. It’s probable that a well-known blogger could soon decide to begin selling goods. The only issue is that some WordPress plugins may be more helpful to them than the BigCommerce system.

WordPress and BigCommerce couldn’t be combined before this BigCommerce plugin. One or the other has to be chosen.

BigCommerce is now aiming to combine the strength of WordPress content with its better selling power. In fact, it is comparable to Ecwid in that you may install the BigCommerce module on several websites without experiencing any synchronizing issues.

You can manage your whole inventory and sales from a single dashboard. In order to save space, speed up payment processing, and simplify catalog administration on the backend, BigCommerce also offers a feature known as headless commerce.

Currently, you need to be accepted into the program, but if you’ve always enjoyed the extensive feature-set of BigCommerce and want a WordPress site, it’s worth looking into.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • You can combine one of the leading ecommerce platforms with the greatest content management system currently available.
  • BigCommerce collaborates with numerous processing firms and frequently secures for its customers considerably cheaper rates for credit card processing.
  • The backend of your website manages the e-commerce functionality, while the frontend manages the content. This significantly speeds up your website and may help you save money on hosting fees.
  • BigCommerce is in charge of all PCI Compliance. For that security with plugins like WooCommerce, you would need to speak with your host.
  • The BigCommerce platform can be used on numerous websites.

Finishing Up

You have it now! The best WordPress ecommerce plugins for starting, running, and expanding your online store are those. Hopefully, this will enable you to distinguish between the many possibilities and provide the best possible customer service. Leave a comment below if you have any queries concerning the top WordPress ecommerce plugins.

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