WP Rocket: Speed Up Your Website With The Ultimate Caching Plugin For WordPress


WP Rocket: Speed Up Your Website With The Ultimate Caching Plugin For WordPress

WP Rocket

The best way to improve the loading time of your WordPress website is to install a caching 

plugin. By reducing your loading times by just a few milliseconds, you will be able to improve conversion rates as well as search engine rankings.

It’s likely you’ve heard of WP Rocket if you’re thinking about using a cache plugin for your WordPress website. Apparently, it produces great results with minimal effort. The question is, is this the right caching plugin for your website?

In this blog we’ll guide you towards answering that question. In this blog post, we’ll examine features and user experiences, and share results of installing these plugins on our test sites, so you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not WP Rocket is the best way to enable caching on WordPress websites.


Let’s begin


What Is WordPress Caching?

In case you are wondering how WP Rocket speeds up your WordPress website, we will get you up to speed quickly. Feel free to skip to the next section if you already know how WordPress caching works, or if you aren’t interested in how it works.


The server, WordPress software and WordPress database communicate data back and forth every time someone visits a page on your website to dynamically create the website that the user requests. It’s easy to understand why this slows things down, especially when using low-cost hosting.


By creating a static version of your site, you can speed things up. Rather than showing dynamic content each time a user visits the site, it displays static content. Using the static version of content should result in faster lo6ading times for visitors since it takes less time to display.


There is no difference between dynamic and cached content, other than improved site speed. Your site will automatically refresh the cached files if you make any changes to the static content, for example, publishing new content or updating the design.



Caching can be implemented on WordPress websites by choosing a web host that includes it as part of its hosting plans, or you can install a plugin to achieve this. The web host may allow you to integrate your caching plugin with their in-house caching system to maximize site speed.


There is no doubt caching makes WordPress faster and WP Rocket plugin is one of the most popular options. But is it right for your site? How about we find out now…

About WP Rocket

The WP Rocket plugin improves the loading speeds of WordPress websites by enabling caching. Additionally to caching, WP Rocket offers other features that would be helpful for speeding up websites.

It is true that there are free WordPress caching plugins out there, but WP Rocket is a paid plugin whose prices start at $49. By the time you finish reading this review, you’ll know whether or not WP Rocket is worth the investment.

The following are just a few of WP Rocket’s best features to help you decide.

Best Features of WP Rocket

Features of WP Rocket
Features of WP Rocket

It is probably more important that your WordPress website has a caching plugin that reduces loading times when trying to choose one.

Although you may improve your site speed, you should also ask yourself if you will actually be able to configure the plugin in a way that will give you the best results.

In that light, let’s begin by going over the WP Rocket user experience before we proceed to exploring its unique features.


In order to stand out from the crowd, WP Rocket plugin has been created so that anyone can take advantage of caching, regardless of their technical skills.

In addition, WP Rocket provides sufficient options and settings for power users to configure caching exactly as they want.

With WP Rocket’s user-friendly dashboard, WordPress users can easily enable and manage caching for their websites. The plugin will also start caching your website as soon as it is activated, thereby improving site loading times.

Even if you don’t have the technical skill to speed up your WordPress website using caching, if you can install and activate a plugin, you’ll be able to use WP Rocket plugin to optimize your site.


Ease of WP Rocket
Ease of WP Rocket

In case you are ready to explore WP Rocket’s features outside of its default settings, there are video guides covering all of its features. You can use these guides to learn not only how to use these features but also how WP Rocket works and what possibilities it provides.

These videos can be accessed from your dashboard within WordPress. They provide a great overview of what WP Rocket does by default and how you can better configure it for your website.

WP Rocket’s settings and controls are handled very well inside the user interface, and there are clear explanations within the plugin to help you adjust them. Use WP Rocket to optimize your website manually with a hands-on approach. So, if you need to enable additional features such as caching for mobile devices or HTML and CSS file minimization, you can easily do that as well.

WP Rocket Cache
WP Rocket Cache

While exploring the WP Rocket settings, you’ll notice that relevant help content is displayed in pop-ups along with helpful text. Therefore, it is easy to determine if certain features or settings of WP Rocket are appropriate for your website.

Premium support is another way WP Rocket differentiates itself from free WordPress caching plugins, allowing you to contact the help desk directly from inside your WordPress dashboard instead of visiting the plugin’s website.

WP Rocket is hard to beat if you’re looking for a plugin that begins improving your site’s performance as soon as it’s activated, while also giving you lots of support for further improving your site speed.


Another effective way for your website to load faster is by using a content delivery network (CDN). Since most CDN providers are compatible with WP Rocket plugin, this is an advantage.

WP Rocket can be integrated with the CDN that is included in your hosting plan, or you can sign up for a CDN independently to improve your site’s performance even more.


Since large image files can cause your website to slow down, WP Rocket includes features to alleviate this problem.

Besides a LazyLoading function, the plugin also includes a ScrollTo position attribution feature to show the user when they have scrolled down to their position on the page. When the page is displayed in the browser, the media files load manually, rather than automatically.

WP Rocket Media
WP Rocket Media

The emojis in your content can be loaded directly from the visitor’s computer, rather than being downloaded from, using WP Rocket. Imagify, another plugin created by WP Rocket, allows you to compress your website images and streamline loading times to reduce file size and improve loading times.


With time, you will likely notice your WordPress database growing, possibly slowing down your website. WP Rocket has features to help you optimize your database, including deleting old revisions, drafts, trashed posts, and deleted or spammed comments.

You can schedule WP Rocket to clean up your database automatically or on command.

The WP Rocket database cleaning tool can also perform daily, weekly and monthly database cleaning automatically. In addition, WP Rocket can optimize your database tables on demand. Using WP Rocket to optimize your WordPress database as opposed to installing an additional plugin is more convenient, and hopefully more efficient, than using dedicated WordPress database optimization tools.


In addition to reducing the size of image files, WP Rocket can reduce the size of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files.

When you use WP Rocket’s optional minification feature, it takes out unnecessary white space, comments, line-breaks, and extra characters from the code of the files that make up your website.

These smaller files will consume less bandwidth and load faster upon request, giving you a second option to improve the speed of your website, alongside caching.


It’s to your advantage that WP Rocket is able to optimize your site for your mobile audience since more and more people are accessing websites on smartphones and other mobile devices.

It is possible to enable caching for mobile devices in these settings as well as to create separate cache files for mobile devices to help reduce the load time for smartphones and tablets.


Your chosen ecommerce plugin should be able to work with WP Rocket if you’re running an online store or selling a few items with your WordPress dashboard.

You’ll never have to worry that your customers will experience any problems for a while when you’re speeding up your site because WP Rocket excludes the checkout and view cart pages from the cache.


If you want to ensure your visitors experience the most updated version of your website, despite WP Rocket’s automatic clearing of the cache whenever you publish new content or make a change to your website, you can also empty the cache yourself or set the plugin to remove the cache files periodically.

Cache Lifespan
Cache Lifespan

Cache files can be set to expire to maintain an up-to-date cache.

The cache lifespan can be set to multiple minutes, hours or days to ensure that your visitors always see the most recent version of your site.

Additionally, you can disable or enable caching for logged-in users – something that may be useful if you’re working on a membership site and your members see different content than your regular visitors.


Caching should not be done on the login page or shopping cart in a WordPress website. If you don’t want these URLs cached, you may specify any other URLs that should not be cached.

In the plugin dashboard, just add the addresses of posts, pages, and other content that should not be cached, and WP Rocket does the rest. In addition, you can use regular expressions to exclude multiple pages at once from the cache.

A portion of your website can be excluded from the WP Rocket cache very easily.

If you wish to exclude a piece of content from the cache, you can do so using the WP Rocket Options panel that the plugin adds to the WordPress editor screen.

The WP Rocket plugin lets you easily define if a post or page should be cached or if other features should be applied to it.

Additionally, WP Rocket allows you to block certain browsers from seeing cached content.


Depending on the web host you’re using, WP Rocket may work differently for your website. Due to the fact that many hosts have their own in-house caching technology, some features of WP Rocket may be disabled automatically to guarantee compatibility with your host’s caching system.

As far as we are aware, WP Rocket is the only caching plugin that WP Engine allows, and our tests found that it has some benefits when used with WP Engine. WP Rocket also performed this way when used with GoDaddy and SiteGround.

In other words, even if your host’s caching plan includes some caching, WP Rocket still can provide some benefits, including lazy loading, database optimization, minification, and other features.

If you’re interested in seeing how WP Rocket, the best caching plugin for WordPress, compares to some of the others, the WP Rocket website offers a useful comparison table. The WP Rocket team has created this table, though it may not reveal all the capabilities of other plugins since it has been compiled by them.

WP Rocket Pricing


WP Rocket Pricing
WP Rocket Pricing

There are three options for purchasing WP Rocket, a WordPress caching plugin:

  • Support and updates for one website for $49 per year.
  • Support for three websites is available for $99 for a year.
  • Unlimited Support and Updates: $249 per year for unlimited sites.

Final Thoughts

This blog has demonstrated that WP Rocket is not only easy to use, but can also make websites perform faster.

Even though there are other WordPress caching plugins available, including some free ones, WP Rocket is a highly recommended choice for those seeking a solution that does not require technical knowledge or very little effort to use. By simply activating WP Rocket, you will begin to notice faster loading times.

WP Rocket comes with extensive documentation, including video tutorials, to assist you in further enhancing website loading times. With WP Rocket, you can obtain even better results by using the additional caching and optimization features. Another reason to pick a paid plugin over a free one is access to the responsive email support.

WP Rocket will help your WordPress website load faster regardless of the type of website you manage.

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